Winter Olympics, Part IV

A few quick comments about tonight's Olympics. Please comment; also, please read the Simon Cowell blog that preceded this:

1) One piece of Olympic history today: Ryan Miller became the first goalie in the games ever credited with an assist; that was his pass to Jack Johnson.

2) Here was something more remarkable about that. It was a pass from a Michigan State guy to a University of Michigan guy. Anything is possible during the Olympics.

3) The final hour of the men's figure-skating competition was great drama. Trailing by a smidgen when it began, Evan Lysacek put on a strong performance, making him the first American to win gold in the event since Brian Boitano it back in 1988. It was impressive.

4) Along the way, we were reminded that Scott Hamilton -- the guy who won gold before Boitano -- is now the best analyst in TV sports.

5) Fans have to feel a soft spot for Johnny Weir. He brings flash and flamboyance to a sports world that has two many strong-silent types. He even has his own reality show, at 10 p.m. Mondays on the Sundance Channel. He did well here, finishing fifth for the second straight Olympics. Alas, he's made it clear in his show that Lysacek is his nemesis and rival; now the rival wins big.

6) It turns out that broken shoelaces aren't only something that happens in the weird world of Tonya Harding. That happened to another skater, who had to stop his show; unlike Harding, however, he didn't weep.

7) It would be dull if everything turned out just as NBC had hoped for. So today, Lindsey Vonn fell and went medal-less; also, an Australian managed to win the women's snowboard halfpipe.

8) Often enough, however, NBC gets its way. It turns out that Shaun White is fun to watch on the podium or in interviews, too. We should get this guy to accept all the medals.

9) Next is ice dancing and I'm looking forward to it. It has fewer rules, more flash and more Michigan contenders.

10) Yes, I realize that this is considered a sport for the French and the females, but I think American guys will like it, too. I'll bet Johnny Weir does.