Well, maybe we don't have to get physical

Sometimes,TV just goes for the fun. Tha's the case with "Let's Get Physical," a broad comedy starrig people who have varying attitudes about their bodies and the gym. Here's the story I sent to papers.


By Mike Hughes

OK, we can forget
one new-year's resolution.

That's the one about
going to the gym. The stars of cable's new “Let's Get Physical”
downplay that.

“You could never
go to the gym, (but) eat correctly,” Chris Diamantopoulos said.
“And ... people would think (you spend) hours at the gym every

The comedy has a
chunky chap (Matt Jones, who plays Baxter on “Mom”) inherit an
old gym, which he runs with his mother (Jane Seymour). His former
girlfriend (AnnaLynne McCord) and his old nemesis (Diamantopoulos)
are married and have a competing gym.

“Our gym kind of
represents the '80s (and) the cheesiness of aerobics,” Jones said.
Theirs is “very scientific and soulless.”

That seems to work
for them. Diamantopoulos, 42, and McCord, 30, look sleek and slick;
we assume they've spent a lifetime working out.

“I hate the gym,”
McCord said. “I hate it ... Getting up and having to do something
where I sweat sounds just terrible.”

Diamantopoulos does
it, but not voluntarily. “My brother runs a strength facility and
... I'm sort of his guinea pig.”

But he mostly
credits food -- “lots of vegetables and some fruits” -- and mere
luck. “Having good genes is a good place to start.”

And instead of gyms?
“I like the brain gym,” McCord said. “I would rather spend my
time reading.”

Onscreen, she plays
seductresses – Eden in “Nip/Tuck,” Naomi in “90210,” even
The Siren in “Bad Girl Island.” Offscreen, she talks fondly about
Scrabble. Her scores are in the 350 to 400 range, she said, and her
best for one play is 78. In Scrabble circles, those are great

What all of the
“Let's Get Physical” people do have in common is a different sort
of activity – the fierce energy of song, dance and musicals:

-- McCord grew up in
a modest-income home, where her father -- “very altruistic, always
talking to people” -- sometimes was a pastor in Seventh Day
Adventist and other churches. She memorized and recited all the lines
in a school play, until her sister simply gave her the role she was
going to have. At 15, she graduated from high school, started
modeling and became an actress.

-- Diamantopoulos
split his childhood between Toronto (where his dad ran a Greek radio
station) and Athens. “Greek was my first language,” he said. He
started theater early and persisted as a pro -- “eight shows a week
for 12 years.” That peaked last month, with Fox's live production
of “A Christmas Story” ... after several troubled rehearsals.
“The only time we got it right was that night.”

-- Seymour, 66,
takes more easily to the work-out world. “I used to be a ballet
dancer, back in the day, and I actually was on the cover of Jane
Fonda's workout book for pregnancy – in a striped leotard.” Now
she races between roles, business and more; on the day after this
interview, she was flying overseas for a charity project. “She
can't stay still,” Jones said.

-- Jones, 36, can
stay still, quite happily. “I'd rather eat and have a drink than
wake up and go to the gym .... Food is really great,” he said. But
he has stayed busy, doing theater and singing in a rock band. “He's
got a great voice,” Diamantopoulos said. “Really, truly.”

Jones said he does
sometimes go to the gym and finds the habit understandable. “A lot
of people ... want to feel part of something, want to feel like in a
club, want to feel like they're being proactive.”

Maybe we shouldn't
dump that resolution after all.

-- “Let's Get
Physical,” 8:31 p.m. Wednesdays, Pop (formerly TV Guide), after
“Schitt's Creek”

-- Debut repeats at
11:31 p.m.; then 11:30 a.m. Thursday and that night at 12:30 a.m.