The TV star of 2018 is ... well, a Detroit Tiger cap

For readers who don't live in Michigan, please indulge me this regional moment: It's time to celebrate the TV success of Detroit Tiger caps. Here's the story I sent to a couple papers:

By Mike Hughes

There are plenty of
TV trends, but here's the important one: This is the year of the
Detroit Tiger cap.


In two shows this
year, a Tiger cap was a factor in the first episode. That apparently
beats all other teams by ... well, two.

First was “Krypton”;
characters wondered why Adam Strange wore that odd cap. He had good
reasons – he was from the future and another planet – and traded
the cap for information.

Now comes the
“Magnum, P.I.” reboot. In the opener, Magnum wears his Tiger cap
... then gives it to a boy he's comforting.

That doesn't happen
randomly. For “Krypton,” it was because the show's creators –
David Goyer from Ann Arbor and Geoff Johns, a Michigan State grad
from Grosse Pointe and Clarkston -- are Tiger fans.

And “Magnum”? In
the original series, Tom Selleck wore the cap because he's a fan. He
was born in Detroit, moved to California when he was young, but
shared his dad's passion for the team.

What about Jay
Hernandez, the California native who's the new Magnum? “I'm not a
Detroit Tiger fan,” he admitted. “I'll be honest.”

Neither is Peter
Lenkov, the Montreal native who runs the show. But Lenkov points out
that Hernandez “was supposed to throw a baseball out at the Tigers
game, but he had to fly back to shoot the show.”

The Tigers lost that
game, 6-2. They've lost a lot lately, but things can change.

When Selleck was a
baby, the Tigers won the World Series; when he was 7, they lost 104
games. But they won the Series again when he was an unemployed actor
at 23 ... and when “Magnum” was in the middle of its eight-year
run. Maybe they will again, if this new version lasts long enough.

-- “Magnum P.I.,”
9 p.m. Mondays, CBS, starting Sept. 24