TV column for Friday, Oct. 13

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” season-opener, 8 p.m., CW.

For two seasons,
“Crazy” has offered a special blend: Its comedy has been clever,
but inconsistent; its musical numbers have been delightful, rippling
with witty lyrics and vibrant choreography.

And as the third
season starts? The two music numbers are superb, as usual; one has a
'50s soda-fountain feel, the other jumps back to pioneer days. And
this time, the comedy is also first-rate: Plotting revenge on Josh,
who left her at the altar, Rebecca hatches some truly ill-advised
schemes. Vincent Rodriguez III, who usually plays Josh, has great
moments as someone she hires.

II: “Great Performances,” 9-11 p.m., PBS,

In the old days,
each Grammy show had a rousing gospel number. That's revived here, in
the Grammys' “Legends” awards; Kirk Franklin brings a choir to
honor Shirley Caesar, who also sings soaringly.

It's a sensational
moment in a mixed night. The show starts mildly and ends vibrantly,
with an all-star group singing Sly Stone's “Dance to the Music.”
The night honors former outsiders – Stone, Nina Simone, Velvet
Underground – and insiders, with younger singers helping out. Andra
Day is superb with both the sweet “Georgia On My Mind” and
Simone's blistering “Mississippi Goddam.”

ALTERNATIVE: “Jane the Virgin,” 9 p.m., CW.

On other nights,
little CW is easy to overlook. Beginning tonight, however, it easily
has the best Friday line-up – first “Crazy” and then this
immensely entertaining comedy-drama.

Jane is a sweet
soul, entangled in a wild, telenovela life. She was accidentally
inseminated (a clinical error), her husband died, she's falling for
Rafael (her baby's biologic father) ... but she's just re-met her
former teen-age love. There's much more, explained by funny, dueling
narrators. That includes the evil twin – hey, we said “telenovela”
-- of Rafael's estranged wife, providing a great closing twist.

Other choices

“Mindhunter” and
more, any time, Netflix. It's a big night for the streaming network,
which has assembled top Hollywood talent. David Fincher (“Gone
Girl,” “The Social Network”) produces “Mindhunter” -- with
Jonathan Groff probing serial killers – and directs the first two
episodes. Also, Dustin Hoffman stars in the movie “Meyerowitz
Stories” with Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and more.

“Love, Actually”
(2008), 7:30-10:30 p.m., CMT. This gentle gem leads the movie night.
Als, families have “Shrek Forever After” (2010) at 8 p.m. on
Nickelodeon or the first three Harry Potter films at 12:30, 4 and 8
p.m. on Freeform.

“Once Upon a
Time,” 8 p.m., ABC. In the fairy-tale world, Henry asks for help
finding Cinderella. In Seattle, he offers unrequested help to
Jacinda, the Cinderella-type who's desperate to see her daughter.

“MacGyver,” 8
p.m., CBS. A high-stakes casino has an imposing vault; MacGyver has
cuff links and wire. Yes, it's a mismatch.

“The Exorcist,”
9 p.m., Fox. At a foster-home on a maybe-haunted island, Andy tries
to help a girl who's afraid to go outside. Also, Tomas and Marcus
have a new possession case. And church leaders track down a rogue
operative (Zuleikha Robinson) with a one-woman crusade against

“Hawaii Five-0,”
9 p.m., CBS. To stop a crime spree, the team needs the help of an old

“Blue Bloods,”
10 p.m., CBS. As Erin prosecutes a human-trafficker, the judge is
found dead. Now her brother Danny looks for foul play. Meanwhile,
their dad, the police commissioner, battles the mayor (Lorraine
Bracco); the city council speaker (Whoopi Goldberg) devises a
possible solution.