TV column for Friday, July 13

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,” 8 p.m., Syfy and USA.

Harry Potter seems
to be a perpetual force inside our TV sets. For years, the
Disney-owned networks had the rights; he was on ABC a little and
Freeform (with sprawling marathons) a lot.

Now Syfy has the
rights. It plans fewer commercials and more Harry-fan inserts, plus
some links with Universal Studios and The films, however,
remain the same. Tonight, we get the original and, at 11:05 p.m., its
first sequel (2002); both have the light, deft touch of director
Chris Columbus. They'll repeat at 7:30 and 10:52 a.m. Saturday,
followed by the other six, in a Potter-filled weekend.

II: “Whistleblower” debut, 8 p.m., CBS.

The new
“whistleblower” laws have offered a powerful tool for people who
find that their companies are misbehaving. Now this CBS News series
shows times when that made a difference.

The Kool Smiles
dental clinics were accused of billing Medicare for procedures (often
on children) that weren't needed ... and sometimes weren't performed;
the parent company settled with the U.S. for $23.9 million. And
Bristol-Myers Squibb was accused of paying kickbacks to doctors;
California agreed to a $30 million settlement. Both stories are
tentatively scheduled for the opeer of this summer series.

ALTERNATIVE: Action movies, 8 p.m., cable.

The two comic-book
worlds collide tonight on sister networks. Marvel has “Captain
America: Civil War” (2016) on TNT; DC has “Batman v Superman”
(also 2016) on TBS.

There's more action,
from the little magicians in the Harry Potter films to mega-monsters
in “Jurassic World” (2015) on FX. At 8:05, HBO has “Dunkirk”
(2017), which – under director Chris Nolan – has great action,
but surprisingly little story.

Other choices

“How It Ends”
and more, any time, Netflix. It's another crowded Friday for the
streaming service.That includes the debuts of this post-apocalyptic
movie, plus a stand-up special (Jim Jefferies), an animated series
(“The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants”) and even a baking
competition (“Sugar Rush”).

Murder marathon,
Reelz. To mark the creepy side of Friday the 13th, here
are three-hour strings of documentaries. The daytime one (10 a.m., 1
p.m. and 4 p.m. ET) has the “Hillside Strangler,” Jim Jones and
Ted Bundy. The evening one (7 and 10 p.m. ET) has a killer in
Plainfield, Wis. ... mysterious sleeping deaths in California and
beyond ... and teen killers in England.

“Quantico,” 8
p.m., ABC. Owen and McQuigg learn devastating news about family
members. For the team, nowhere – including home – is safe.
Everyone goes on high alert.

“The Resident,”
8 p.m., Fox. With three surgeries at the same time, the hospital's
staff is pushed to its limit. Also in this rerun, a rich contributor
arrives, ready to donate money to the oncology program of Dr. Lane
Hunter ... who is trying to discredit Nicolette's accusations about
the program.

“The Orville,” 9
p.m., Fox. This rerun finds the crew defeating the Krill, but then
facing a perilous assignment: Infiltrate the Krill ship and steal an
important document.

“Hawaii Five-0,”
9 p.m., CBS. Phillip Phillips, the “American Idol” winner, plays
a diamond smuggler in this rerun. He'll stop at nothing to find his
cotraband; now his partner's corpse has been stolen.

“Blue Bloods,”
10 p.m., CBS. This turns topical in two areas: Frank, the police
commissioner, faces fall-out when a rookie questions a pedestrian's
immigration status; also, Frank's granddaughter Nicky is sexually
harassed at her internship. Also in the rerun, his son Danny
considers a more lucrative job.

Operation Thai Cave
Rescue,” 10 p.m., Discovery Channel. This quick-turnaround special
looks at the rescue of the boys trapped for 18 days. It will rerun at
10 p.m. Saturday on the Science Channel.