TV column for Friday, Jan. 11

“20/20,” 9-11 p.m., ABC.

These two kept
creating chaos. Robert Blake was a star – from “Little Rascals”
shorts (starting at age 5) to “Baretta” and beyond; he's been
called both charming and conniving. Bonnie Lee Bakley was married 10
times and was charged with bilking lonely men out of money by mail.

Bakley was arrested
for bad checks and false identities; her claims of having
celebrities' babies were disproved. But she did have Blake's baby and
they began an uneasy marriage. He was acquitted of her 2001 murder,
but lost a civil case. This film includes past and present interviews
with Blake, now 85.

II: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” 9 p.m., CW.

For four seasons,
this has offered an appealing (if erratic) blend of fairly good humor
and rilliant songs. It's been five weeks, however, since the last

Now “Crazy” is
back, with Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) deciding she needs to take her mind
off her ex-boyfriends. She does, you know. She originally moved
across the country to be near Josh. He's still there, Greg recently
came back and Nathaniel was distressed to realize he's sill in love
with her.

Streaming series.

This is a big day
for streaming, with two new series (both British) and two second

One newcomer is
Amazon's “The Informer,” a six-parter with a novice infiltrating
what may be a terrorist ring. The other is Netflix's “Sex
Education,” with Gillian Anderson as a sex therapist whose teen son
sets up his own practice in high school. Returning? Hulu's “Future
Man” has Josh Hutcherson messig with time; Netflix's “Friends
From College” has Fred Savage, Cobie Smulders and more.

ALTERNATIVE: “Great Performances,” 9-10:30 p.m., PBS.

At a time when
classical music was a male domain, Adella Prentiss Hughes started the
Cleveland Orchestra. A concert pianist and the city's top music
impresario, she ran it for its first 15 years.

Now here's the
orchestra's 100th-anniversary concert, plus short films on
Hughes, the orchestra's conductors and the education program. Those
films are poorly done, but the music is beautifully filmed and
played. That ranges from a gentle Mozart piece with (pianist Lang
Lang) to a rousing Ravel finish.

Other choices

“MacGyver,” 8
p.m., CBS. A soccer mom by day is a thief at night. Now she links
with Mac's team, to catch the person who hired her to steal a dirty

“Fresh Off the
Boat,” 8 p.m., ABC. Evan has a girlfriend ... a fact that depresses
his mom, who wants him to focus on school. Also, the movie “You've
Got Mail” has triggered guilty feelings for his father, who once
hurt a mom-and-pop business.

“The Cool Kids,”
8:30, Fox. Hank hosts a closed-circuit show at the retirement
community ... until he's replaced by Sid, who's good at dishing out

“The Blacklist,”
9 p.m., NBC. After a long time on the lam, Red was arrested (via a
tip from Liz) at the end of last week's season-opener. Now he tries
to extricate himself, while the team tracks a bio-hacker.

“Hawaii Five-0,”
9 p.m., CBS. Danny's daughter is in critical condition after a car

“Blue Bloods,”
10 p.m., CBS. Frank has second thoughts, after a cop he fired is his
waitress. Meanwhile, one son (Danny) probes the murder of a
basketball star who was linked to betting; another (Jamie) picks a
wedding venue. And his daughter eyes a possible
driving-under-the-influence case.