'Tis not the season to be Jolley

What did we learn from "American Idol" tonight?:

1) Lazaro Arbos will keep surviving, no matter what. He was clearly the worst singer Wednesday, but didn't even get plunked into the bottom three.

2) Our sympathy may be misdirected. Lazaro told viewers he had just received the song the night before ... making us think it was the night before the show. Alas, it was the night before a rehearsal -- four days before the show.

3) Song choice is crucial. Some Beatles songs are simple and melodic, showing off the singer; some are not. Amber Holcomb chose one of the latter, "She's Leaving Home." Amber is terrific, but the song didn't stir the audience and she went into the bottom three.

4) Short shorts should not have long pockets. That, alongside song choice, was one of Amber's two big mistakes this week.

5) Sometimes, Jimmy Iovine is exactly right. He was right tonight about Lazaro; he was right about the judges being too soft on bad singers.

6) And sometimes Jimmy is wrong. I don't agree that Angie Miller tried too hard. Her "Yesterday" was fresh, original and beautifully done.

7) Mostly, though, he's right. He put Candice Glover and Kree Harrison at the top this week; both did great jobs with uptempo tunes.

8) With that kind of competition, this continues to be a female year. Tonight, Paul Jolley was voted out, despite a strong voice and a zillion-dollar smile. Only three men remain, alongside five women ... one of whom will be the first female winner in six years.

9) Casey Abrams is one strange (albeit talented) dude. Also, Jessica Sanchez should hurry up and turn 18. She will on Aug. 4; until then, production numbers like this inspire impure thoughts about minors.

10) Next week will feature the music of Detroit, which should be terrific. That category can cover Motown Records and beyond --  Seger, Nugent, Aretha, Kid Rock, Jack White and more. I'm guessing it will be fun.