That's just silly

Sometimes, a TV show can simply try too hard.

That came to mind last night, as I watched an upcoming "Bones." It doesn't air until Jan. 15, but let me grumble for a minute.

The case involves two circus performers who were killed. Everyone quickly rejected the forthright approach -- walk in, flash an FBI badge and ask questions. Instead ... well, the FBI painted up an old RV and Booth and Brennan developed a death-defying knife act; they also rode around in a motorcycle with a sidecar.

I'm really not well-informed on FBI technique, but I'm pretty sure flash-the-badge-and-ask-questions is preferred over develop-a-knife-act. The whole thing just seems too silly.

Shortly after watching this, I saw "Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood," a superb documentary coming to PBS on Jan. 1. In one burst, my faith in TV was restored.