Seriously? Postponed again?

When and if you ever get to see "Why They Hate Us," I think you'll consider it a solid, thoughtful report on a tough subject, The problem is getting to see it: Somehow, CNN has managed to postpone it for the second time. Here's the brief I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

CNN has postponed
its “Why They Hate Us” documentary ... again.

Fareed Zakaria's
film – an elaborate look at U.S.-Muslim relations – was
originally scheduled for April 11, then was bumped by political
coverage. It was re-scheduled for today (April 25).

At 3 p.m. ET today –
when the network's Web site was still listing the special -- a CNN
spokesperson said it had been bumped again. There was no word on why
it was postponed or when it might air.