Semi-glory at the Olympics

This must have been a glorious moment for the U.S. women's speedskating relay team. They finished last and won a medal.

This was the four-team finale, meaning that only one team would fail to win a medal. The Americans promptly finished fourth.

Then the South Koreans were disqualified, nudging the Americans to bronze. It kind of reminded me of "Little Miss Sunshine," when Abigail Breslin finished second in a two-girl contest. When the winner was disqualified, she celebrated: "I won, I won, I won."

A few other Olympic comments. Please add yours and also please check my previous blogs on "American Idol":

1) We'd better apologize to the Japans. That seemed like a terrible location for the Winter Olympics, because the weather was so often so bad. Now, alas, Vancouver seems worse.

2) After being disqualified -- because his coach sent him to the wrong lane -- a Dutch skater said "everyone makes mistakes." Well, not like this one. How much does he have to keep track of during a race, other than the proper lane? It's not like he was checking his E-mail and paying his bills at the same time. At least, I don't think it was.

3) Remember when Canadians were vexed because it had never won gold when it hosted an Olympics? Tonight, they won their seventh gold; maybe we shouldn't have felt sorry for them.

4) Also, the Australians seemed delighted with their victories in two wild free-style events for women -- snowboards and skiing. Austria expects gold; Australia doesn't.

5) And a nod to people from the Lansing, Mich., area, where I live. Today, Michelle Rzepka -- a former champion pole-vaulter at Michigan State University -- finished sixth in the two-woman bobsled. And today, goalie Ryan Miller had a shut-out ... just as he did a record number of times at MSU. He's allowed only five goals in four games, while turning back 85 shots. Next are the semi-finals (3 p.m. Friday on NBC) ... and then maybe the gold-medal finals on Sunday, with a chance to be a piece of Olympic history.a