Monday (Feb. 2) TV: Too much, too good

We all know that Feb. 2 repeats itself over and over. That's what happened to Bill Murray in the "Groundhog Day" movie; the repeating was, we were told, a bad thing.

This week, however, I think it would be kind of good. Monday has way too many strong shows for one night; it would be a good day to repeat -- or at least to put our VCR's or TIVO's into hyperdrive.

Any regular Monday includes TV's best series ("House," 8 p.m.) and TV's best comedy ("Big Bang Theory," 8 p.m.). It has the sometimes-terrific "How I Met Your Mother" (8:30), plus the still-funny "Two and a Half Men" (9 p.m.) and "Prison Break" (9 p.m.) and more.

This Monday, things pile up. There's the 100th "House" episode, a richly crafted hour with an ethical dilemma that entangles Foreman. There's a compelling "American Experience" (9 p.m.), viewing the rush to find a polio vaccine. And there's the return of NBC's Monday line-up, which spent way too long on the shelf.

"Chuck" (8 p.m.) is an underrated delight. Now it's back with an episode that's in 3-D. (We're supposed to get glasses wherever SoBe is sold, which kind of depends on what SoBe is and where it's sold.)

"Medium," a fairly good show, finally starts its season at 10.  And in between is the start of a new "Heroes" chapter.

Often, "Heroes" has scattered its characters in too many places. Monday's episode tries to patch things up. By the end of Monday's hour, most of the characters are in one precarious place.

They'll split back up eventually, but this is a promising start. "Heroes" is making a heroic effort to get back on track.