"Momma" trouble

By the end of tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 16), Khalood Bojanowski may be one of the most controversial women in Michigan. And that takes some doing.

She shows up on the debut of "Momma's Boys" (10 p.m., NBC) and lays down the rules about dating her son: "I don't want a Jewish girl or Muslim or Black. I can't have an Asian one. I can't have a fat-butt girl. I can't have a tall one."

That draws universal outrage from the young women who see this on tape. Misty Ally, 26, who is black, is pleased to see that even some of the frilliest (and whitest) women are appalled: "Even the dumbest person knows how ignorant that is."

Things don't get any better when Bojanowski arrives in person and defends her stand: "I have good friends who are black, but there are bad people out there ... I have a black godson ... I know half of the Detroit Lions and I love 'em."

The young women had already met her son, JoJo Bojanowski, and liked the guy. That was before they knew the momma.

The show has three men in a dating pool with 32 women. Each guy insists he's a "momma's boy" -- and each is supposed to get dating advice from his mom, who will be living with the women.

JoJo is 21 and a hockey star who has basically lived away from home since he was 16. He did well in junior hockey -- statistics show an eleven-game stretch in which he had eight goals and eight assists for the Toronto Thunderbirds -- and is now a sophomore forward at Nichols College, in Massachusetts, which is off to a 10-1 start. He seems like a fine lad, on ice or on land; his mom is another matter.

Khalood Bojanowski is from Basra, Iraq, but fled to the U.S. with her family when she was young. She makes her views clear:

"I can't have a Jewish girl, because I'm Catholic. I just can't see the white-and-black thing, so I cannot have a black one. I cannot accept my son JoJo to fall in love with an Asian girl; I just cannot.

"I cannot have a mixture at all. No mixture for my son. I just want a nice Catholic Girl who's not from a divorced family. I want her to cook, I want her to clean, to keep pretty. And she does what I tell her to." That prospect might not have many takers.