Let's talk Winter Olympics

Here are 10 random thoughts about NBC's Winter Olympics coverage; please add yours:

1) I really can't tell the difference between someone who goes a zesty 89 miles an hour and some who merely pokes along at 87. Either one just looks ... well, really fast. They sort of woosh past us and someone says gee that was really slow or fast or something. In short, I'm having trouble enjoying luge or downhill skiing or such.

2) I can start to get into it when two or more people are on the same track at the same time. Short-track speedskating and snowboard cross are great. They're sort of like hockey body checks, except you're supposed to pretend it's an accident. A mild "whoops" is considered socially sufficient.

3) Bob Costas is, as always, the best and smartest person in sports coverage. He doesn't get much time here, but he uses it well.

4) Also among the best -- Scott Hamilton on figure-skating, Dan Patrick on one of the ski hills, Mary Carillo with occasional features. It was nice of her to visit the polar bears for us; I really didn't want to do it myself.

5) Costas would have more time if he didn't have to show those cartoon-movie ads that pretend to be features. We know what they are; make them show it in one of the commercial spots.

6) This figure-skating is still kind of pretty, even when there's no root-for-American-gold factor. The Americans are given zero chance in pairs and women, but the events are still fun to watch.

7) More often, I enjoy the ski races in which someone goes terribly fast, does a big spin in the air and then goes fast again. Except that the judges get all huffy if the skiiers knees are apart. After trying a move like that, I'd be happy if had any knees at all.

8) Sure, it's kind of illogical to ski fast and then spin in the air. Still, it's more logical than skiing, stopping and shooting a gun. That's one of the events; I just don't want to live anywhere where it's an important life skill.

9) Yes, that "Parenthood" show they keep having promos for is pretty good. Occasionally, promos tell the truth.

10) The bigger hockey games are coming up. Those will be fun. After  bumping into people, no one says "whoops." Except for the Swiss, who are polite that way.