"Idol": Well, I used to be right

This is sort of like politician double-speak: I was right about "American Idol" before I was wrong.

I had predicted (see an earlier blog) that Lee DeWyze would win. Then -- after Crystal Bowersox's sensational work Tuesday (ignore the previous blog) -- I switched to her.

Consider that wishful thinking. Instead, viewers have taken the same route for two straight years -- choose the likable guy with a pleasant voice (Kris Allen, Lee) over the fresh and stunning talent (Adam Lambert, Crystal).

I won't be bitter -- well, I'm a bit bitter about Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus and Lilly Scott, other fresh forces, finishing only fourth, sixth and 13th -- because Lee is a decent guy with solid talent. Besides, this was a great finale.

I'll have the Crystal-and-Lee interview late Friday afternoon. For now, here are a few comments I threw down chronologically; please add yours:

1) "School's Out" was a rousing start, byut why were so many people wearing silly uniforms? Probably because the show is produced by Englishmen. They assume that's how American kids go to school.

2) The Simon stuff is fun. My favorite line was from Dane Cooke: "You have the honesty of Abe Lincoln and the charm of the guy who shot him."

3) I really like Crystal Bowersox's apparent lack of lipstick. Then again, I think I know what happened: Christina Aguilera used up the entire tube.

4) All in all, however, the medley with Aguilera and the "Idol" women was sensational. The one with the guys and Hall-and-Oates was OK.

5) We've previously established that my local Fox station sometimes accidentally airs old commercials. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that tonight's newscast promo (for an expose on Internet chat rooms) was one they had been around from 1998.

6) First, they showed the beautiful and colorful design Crystal did for her new Ford Fiesta. Then they reverted to the commercial that showed a car in a sickly pea-green color. Maybe they need Crystal to take over their design team.

7) Sure, I enjoyed seeing the commercial where a parade celebrates the Fiesta's 40 miles per gallon. Still, I have to point this out: The Saturn I've been driving for nine years is also rated 40-mpg highway, but ads never seemed to mention it. That may be why Saturn went broke and Ford didn't even need bail-out money.

8) Did you notice how you stop anything and listen to Dennis Haysbert, even in a commercial? President Palmer will always be our chief executive

9) That was a great idea to bring Paula Abdul back as a surprise for the audience. She delivered her material poorly -- she's never been that good working live -- but it was still fun.

10) The number that followed was splendid, bringing together every "Idol" champion -- well, every one except David Cook -- for an epic song.

11) And yes, it made sense to celebrate Simon's years. This was a lowly summer show, when Cowell brought attention by being unique. He brought a spotlight to what became an important show.

12) The surprise guests kept pouring in. Performing were Aguilera, two BeeGees, Chicago, Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, one Doobie, Hall & Oates, one Jackson, Bret Michaels, Alanis Morissette and Carie Underwood. We also heard from Frank Sinatra and William Hung, but the former was, I believe, recorded.