Here's the Super Bowl Sunday line-up -- from morning to "24"

OK, now we can set our plans for Super Bowl Sunday,. (Mostly, they involve staring at a TV, with intermittent eating and/or drinking.) Here are the two previews I sent to papers. The previous one was an overview from the Fox Sports people. This story has the details, including a timeline that stretches from the first preview (11 a.m. ET) to the final, boom-bang moments of "24: Legacy."

By Mike Hughes

You really weren't
planning on doing anything on Sunday, were you?

If Fox has its way,
you'll skip chores and church and such. Instead, you'll stare at
Super Bowl coverage for 12-plus hours.

Partying during that
time is optional. Terry Bradshaw will be working this Sunday for Fox,
but he describes previous Super Bowls as “the greated day of my
life .... We were cooking and the men were playing gmes and having
fun and the pregame shows were on.”

Now there are more
of those shows than ever. Here's the line-up, with all times ET:

The pre-pregame

-- 11 a.m.: “The
Road to the Super Bowl.” This is the annual NFL Films production,
slickly edited.

-- Noon:
“Undisputed,” the cable (Fox Sports 1) show, with Skip Bayless
and Shannon Sharpe..

-- 1 p.m.: “Super
Bowl Kickoff.” Here are more transplants from Fox Sports 1.
Charissa Thompson hosts,with Colin Cowherd, Dave Wannstedt and
Charles Tillman.

The pregame

-- 2 p.m.: Bradshaw
and Curt Menefee host the marathon, which will include Howie Long,
Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, reporter Jay Glazer and rules analyst
Mike Pereira. There will be celebrity drop-ins, said Eric Shanks, the
president of Fox Sports, and maybe some music, shortly before 6.

-- 6 p.m. or so:
Coverage moves to the field, with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the
broadcast booth and Erin Andrews and Chris Myers onthe sidelines.
Luke Bryan will sing the National Anthem – ending a string of nine
straight women, including stars from opera (Renee Fleming), Broadway
(Idina Menzel), country and pop.

The game

-- 6:30 p.m.: It's
the kickoff, with strength against strength.

The Atlanta Falcons
are pro football's highest-scoring team (33.8 points a game in the
regular season), but the New England Patriots have the toughest
defense (15.6 points a game). The Falcons' Matt Ryan had the top
quarterback rating ... with the Patriots' Tom Brady finishing second.

One catch: The
Patriots (16-2) also had the third-best offense; the Falcons were
27th in defense.

Whatever happens,
we'll see the details. Shanks said a chip in each helmet will allow a
replay from any perspective. “For the first time ever, we (will)
take fans inside the helmet of any player on the field.”


-- Lady Gaga
performs. The show is expected to include Tony Bennett, 90, her
frequent duet partner.


-- About 10 p.m.:
Bradshaw prevails with the trophy, post-game interviews, etc. After
that, football talks switches to Fox Sports 1.

-- About 10:30: “24:
Legacy” debuts with a high-octane hour, before moving to Mondays.

The story focuses on
an Army Ranger unit, similar to one that killed Osama bin Laden. In
this case, one Ranger took something vital; now all of them are being
chased. “We originally planned that for a general thriller idea,”
said producer Manny Coto. “It wasn't even '24.'”

But then they worked
it into the “24” format. Over 12 (not 24) hours, things seem to
be in real time.

Like Jack Bauer in
the past, the new hero (played by Corey Hawkins of “Straight Outta
Compton”) will be on the clock. “He can never go to the bathroom
or eat,” joked producer Brian Grazer.

Adds Hawkins: “I
can sneak a granola bar on a commercial break.”