Fox's fall: The Devil and Gordon Ramsay, plus music and whimsy


By Mike Hughes

Satan and Gordon
Ramsay will again be big on Fox next season. So will science-fiction
and whimsy.

But don't fret; one
night will still be devoted to young music. “Fox is known for a
music brand more than any other network,” said Gary Newman, the
network's co-CEO.

This is the network
that soared with “American Idol,” cancelled it last season ...
and now sees it moving to ABC sometime next season. “Yes, it felt
bad knowing it's coming back on another network,” said co-CEO Dana
Walden. Fox was willing to bring it back in 2020, she said, but any
sooner would seem “extremely fraudulent” after proclaiming a
“final season.”

But next season, Fox
will have more music. There will be live productions of Broadway's “A
Christmas Story” and “Rent”; also, “Empire” and “Star”
will be back-to-back on Wednesdays.

Both are from
producer Lee Daniels and are “perfectly matched tonally and
thematically,” Walden said.

Last year, they
alternated in one hour, because there were only 18 episodes of
“Empire” and 12 of “Star.” Next year, there will be 18 of
each, Newman said. “These shows are really complicated to produce”
with their big music numbers. They'll continue through the fall, take
a long break and finish in the spring.

Fox has plenty of
other mid-season shows, including 10 episodes of “The X-Files,”
with its original stars. (This year's revivals of “Prison Break”
and “24” aren't scheduled to return.) There's a comedy
co-produced by Will Ferrell, a “911” drama, the final season of
“New Girl” ... and lots of Ramsay shows.

This fall, Ramsay's
“Hell's Kitchen” will again lead into “The Exorcist.” Also
part of the network's Hell-ish mood is “Lucifer,” returning to
Mondays and now sliding to 8 p.m.

That nudges “Gotham”
to Thursdays, as part of a fantasy feel. This fall, Fox has “The
Gifted” (a family on the run, when it finds the kids have special
powers) and “The Orville” (a Seth MacFarlane drama-comedy set on
a spaceship, 400 years in the future). It's only new comedy,
“Ghosted,” has Craig Robinson and Adam Scott fighting aliens and

The fall line-up:

-- Monday:
“Lucifer,” 8 p.m.; “The Gifted,” 9.

-- Tuesday: “Lethal
Weapon,” 8; “The Mick,” 9; “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” 9:30.

Wednesday:”Empire,” 8 p.m.; “Star,” 9.

-- Thursday:
“Gotham,” 8 p.m.; “The Orville,” 9.

-- Friday: “Hell's
Kitchen,” 8 p.m.; “The Exorcist,” 9/

-- Saturday: Sports,
7 p.m

-- Sunday:
Football's “The OT” or “Bob's Burgers,” 7:30; “The
Simpsons,” 8; “Ghosted,” 8:30; “Family Guy,” 9; “The Last
Man on Earth,” 9:30.