CW's new line-up -- now six nights to watch (or ignore)

This wraps up the five broadcast networks setting their fall line-ups. If you scroll down, you'll find the stories I sent to papers about CBS, ABC and a combined look at Fox and NBC. Here's the CW:

By Mike Hughes

Sure, it sometimes
seems like no one is watching the CW Network.

This fall, however,
they'll have more nights to not watch it. The new line-up, starting
in October, will have six nights instead of five.

The addition is
Sunday, when TV viewership tends to be high, but there's little for
fantasy fans and young females. CW will move its top-rated show,
“Supergirl,” there and follow it with a remake of “Charmed,”
the light series about young witches.

That's part of a
sci-fi surge. The line-up (which was announced Thursday morning) has
“Legends of Tomorrow” and “Arrow” on Mondays, “The Flash”
and “Black Lightning” on Tuesdays and “Supernatural” on
Thursdays, leading into the new “Legacies”; that's an “Originals”
spin-off, with Klaus' daughter Hope and Alaric's twins, Lizzie and
Josie, at a School for the Young and Gifted.

There will be more
at mid-season, with the return of “iZombie” and the reworking of
the “Roswell” series, now called “Roswell, New Mexico.”

But yes, CW does do
some non-fantasy. Its “Riverdale” will lead into the new “All
American,” based on the true story of a black football star from a
tough neighborhood, recruited to play in Beverly Hills. It has its
two most-praised shows – the final season of “Crazy
Ex-Girlfriend” and the mid-season return of “Jane the Virgin”
-- plus its not-praised “Dynasty” remake.

“Life Sentence”
and “The Originals” aren't listed, but “The 100” will be
added at mid-season. So will the new “In The Dark,” about a
young, blind woman who stumbles (literally) onto a murder mystery.

The CW has survived
despite low ratings, because its fantasy shows are popular in
new-media formats and in other countries. The fall line-up is:

-- Sundays:
“Supergirl,” 8 p.m.; “Charmed,” 9.

-- Mondays: “Legends
of Tomrrow,” 8; “Arrow,” 9.

-- Tuesdays: “The
Flash,” 8; “Black Lightning,” 9.

-- Wednesdays:
“Riverdale,” 8; “All American,” 9.

-- Thursdays:
“Supernatural,” 8; “Legacies,” 9.

-- Fridays:
“Dynasty,” 8; “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” 9.