A cake walk with "American Idol"

Over the years, I've gone to various outdoor potlucks, the sort where a picnic table is covered by anythng from desserts to indefinable goulashes.

The weather has been usually good, occasionally not, but there's been one constant: I'm never seen people leave a cake out in the rain. If they did, they would simply bake another. Even before the Internet age, cake recipes never disappeared; they existed in little file-card cabinets and in recipes and in grandmas' minds.

In other words, Jimmy Iovine was exactly right Wednesday: "MacArthur Park" is a really cheesy song, a poor choice by Angie Holcomb.

Iovine's goal has been logical enough: Start with a song that's simple and melodic, one designed to show off the singer. Even when you add some riffs and runs, it will flow smoothly.

Holcomb did that at first with a Celine Dion song, but "MacArthur Park" was a no-win idea. Candice Glover and Kree Harrison sang beautifully, as usual, but the songs -- a bit bluesy, a bit jazzy -- weren't the sort that draw votes. Only Angie Miller went straight for the votes with both songs.

My prediction? I'll guess that Miller finishes first and Harrison finishes last. A great singer will go home ... unless "Idol" changes the rules yet again. It extended the time a "save" could be used to include last week ... which judges ignored anyway. Now Ryan Seacrest has hinted that another change is coming tonight (Thursday, April 25). We'll see.