Angie Miller: Family permanence is tattooed

We've heard that the family that prays
together stays together, but here's one step further:

Angie Miller, just departed from
“American Idol,” has a praying family that tattooed together. “My
whole family surprised me and they all got tattooed …. It's so
permanent,” Miller said.

That involved the slogan (“Dream
Big”) that she'd already had as her own tattoo.

She fell just short of her dream of
winning “Idol.” Miller finished third; Candice Glover and Kree
Harrison – “I love them so much,” she said – will be in the
finale, Wednesday and Thursday.

Glover sometimes brings the power of
Southern gospel music, but Miller also has a church feel to her
music. “I don't have that big, powerful voice …. For me, it's
less the sound and more the meaning.”

Last year, her parents started Remix
Church in Salem, Mass. (near their home in Beverly), with Miller as a
soloist and group leader. “I'm so proud to be a pastors' kid,”
she said.

No, she said, she wasn't awed by the
historic impact of Salem, site of the original witch trials. What did
awe her was being on “Idol,” which she'd been watching “many
years, since I was 8.”

Next is the finale and the tour. “I
can't wait to sing full-length songs and not be judged.”

Then comes a career. It won't be in the
Christian-music niche, she said, and and it won't be pop “I want
to do music that has meaning and is real …. I want to incorporate
the soulful, piano soud.”

And she expects to loosen up, now that
the judging is done. That was something she sensed during her
return-home concert: “I felt so free … and I thought, 'Why don't
I feel like this on the “Idol” stage?'”