Vampire Diaries

Here's a show (and a teen star) for the Halloween season

Sometimes, the universe works things out conveniently. Danielle Rose Russell was born on Halloween ... savors the holiday and all things creepy ... and now stars in "Legacies," which arrives six days before Halloween, full of creepy types. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

To most of us,
Halloween offers a brief diversion – a once-a-year encounter with
bad costumes and good candy.

The new TV season starts ... well, right now

Sure, right now it looks like we don't need the new TV season. The weather has been perfect; the world can go outside and play.

Still, the season is starting and we should be ready. Officially, it starts Sept. 21; however, we could say it starts:

-- A week earlier, on Sept. 14, when Jay Leno takes over the 10 p.m. spot every weekday on NBC.

-- Or on Thursday (Sept. 10), when the CW introduces "Vampire Diaries." It's an overheated high-school drama, filled with pretty people, two of whom happen to be living forever.