TV talk shows

Being herself keeps Busy busy

The Television Critics Association sessions are busy now, giving us lots of stories for the future, plus some for right now. Here's the latter, about "Busy Tonight," the talk show that runs most weekdays on cable channel E

By Mike Hughes

PASADENA, Cal. -- In
a world filled with unemployed actors, Busy Philipps was the

Bethenny Frankel enters talking

Here's the Bethenny Frankel profile I sent to papers. I'm also including the two stories that go with it -- an overview of new TV talk shows and a profile of Arsenio Hall; like Frankel, he has a syndicated talk show opening Monday (Sept.9).


In a twisty-turny life, Bethenny
Frankel has rarely been able to sit back and contemplate.

She enters talking; she booms and
blurts and makes an impression.