TV comedies

New TV comedies are scarce, but (sometimes) very funny

We're near the end of the six-piece season-preview package I sent to papers. This one looks at the new comedies; the final one will catch the dramas:

By Mike Hughes

TV people still like
comedies. They just aren't sure how to get us to watch them.

TV comedies are back... on some networks, anyway

OK, this wraps up my round-ups of the new fall shows. The previous ones looked at dramas, action-adventures and sci-fi/fantasy/horror. Now that I've sent these to papers,I'll do an overview of the season.


By Mike Hughes

Right now, TV
networks aren't sure what to do with comedies.

Get ready for a comedy overload

(TV comedies are back, big-time. Here's the story I sent to papers. The previous blog offers an overview; coming next are looks at the dramas and at the sci-fi/fantasy films.)

Fox's next season: Jack's back; so are comedies and the "Fringe" producers

For TV viewers, a lot of good news is wedged into Fox's plans for the 2013-14 season. That includes the return of "24" (now half its previous running time) and the arrival of two shows from "Fringe" producers. It also includes fresh interest in comedies, even tucking two of them behind the Super Bowl. Here's the story I sent to papers this morning (Monday):