Tina Fey

Being herself keeps Busy busy

The Television Critics Association sessions are busy now, giving us lots of stories for the future, plus some for right now. Here's the latter, about "Busy Tonight," the talk show that runs most weekdays on cable channel E

By Mike Hughes

PASADENA, Cal. -- In
a world filled with unemployed actors, Busy Philipps was the

The good news is that "Great News" is kinda good

"Great News" may not be great, but it is pretty good. It's sort of worthy of the timeslot (9 p.m. Tuesdays, NBC) that just had "Truak & Error," the season's best new comedy. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

Amid the comedy and
chaos of NBC's “Great News,” one person stands out.

Here comes a Ricky-less night of Golden Globes

The Golden Globes won't seem the same without Ricky Gervais stirring a fuss. Still, the Globes will hav smart hosts -- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler -- and some worthy nominees. Here's the preview I sent to papers.


LOS ANGELES, Cal. – The Golden Globes
return Sunday, this time Ricky-free.

"30 Rock" was maxi-fun

Turning on tonight's live "30 Rock," I expected the ordinary. Writers would create something neat and tidy, something that could be done on a couple sets, sort of like a play.

Then came the surprise. This would be a typical "30 Rock," complete with flashbacks, faux commercials, a song, guest stars and lots of sets. It would zip around wildly; the fun would be seeing it done live.

Sorry, Jimmy; it was a bad start

We really were rooting for Jimmy Fallon on the opening of his latenight talk show (12:35 a.m. weekdays on NBC). This is an immensely likable guy, doing what he's always wanted to do.

Still, it's tough to deny: This was an awful start.

Sure, there were a few good things -- The Roots as the house band, Van Morrison as musical guest, an occasional sharp one-liner. Discussing some new computer stores, Fallon said they are sort of like regular stores, "except that when you ask the clerks a question, they freeze up."

Golden Globe ramblings

Here are some random thoughts on the Golden Globes; please add yours. Bear with me, because I'm doing this while watching the West Coast telecast. It would be cheating to peak at the list of winners:

1) It should be mandatory to have one clever Englishman at each awards ceremony. Two years ago, Sacha Baron Cohen was delightful; tonight, Ricky Gervais matched that.