Winter Olympics: Americans get their fix of swirling sprites and soaring snowboarders

The Winter Olympics start Thursday (Feb. 8), so it's time to get serious about it. If you scroll down one, you'll see a fun story I sent to papers, focusing particularly on NBC's Apolo Ohno. Now here's a look at some of the events and people likely to draw American viewers. One more thing, with some TV-time details, is next.

By Mike Hughes

As the Winter
Olympics arrive, NBC likes to offer grand vistas and great

Winter Olympics, Part II

I think I accidentally watched the Canadian Channel tonight. Either that or NBC's coverage has suddenly tilted way northward.

Granted, Americans always root for Canadians. They're sort of like us, only nicer. They're like Mormons and Minnesotans.

So we root for them, whenever possible. We shared their outrage, when they were (temporarily) robbed of a pairs gold medal in 2002; we shared NBC's fascination this year with seeing them win their first gold on home soil.