Smokey Robinson

It's time for a flash, Smokey 4th of July

On any 4th of July, PBS puts on a festive show, with a rich blend of music and the fireworks. This year, however, could be particularly fun, with Smokey Robinson at the core. That's one of three big-deal TV concerts on Monday, the 4th; here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

As July 4 nears,
skies and spirits seem to brighten.

Jay: On Day 9, he finally got it right

OK, this time there's no griping and sniping. Tonight -- on its ninth try -- "The Jay Leno Show" finally got it right.

 Admittedly, I missed a small section in the middle -- Rush Limbaugh on the race track and then the start of the Smokey Robinson, Joss Stone duet. (They are great talents, but didn't it seem a tad creepy the way Smokey, 69, kept leaning into Joss, 22?) What I saw, however, was terrific.