Shaun White

Winter Olympics, Part IV

A few quick comments about tonight's Olympics. Please comment; also, please read the Simon Cowell blog that preceded this:

1) One piece of Olympic history today: Ryan Miller became the first goalie in the games ever credited with an assist; that was his pass to Jack Johnson.

2) Here was something more remarkable about that. It was a pass from a Michigan State guy to a University of Michigan guy. Anything is possible during the Olympics.

Winter Olympics, Part III

A few more Winter Olympics comments; please add yours:

1) I do have immense respect for Shaun White. Frankly, if I ever found myself whooshing down a halfpipe atop a narrow snowboard, the last thing I'd be thinking is: "Maybe when I fly up over top, I can spin around three times and do a somersault."

2) For weeks, NBC has been preaching to us about the talent of White, Lindsey Vonn, Apolo Ohno and Shani Davis. Tonight, they seemed surprised to discover they'd been telling the truth.