Scream Queens

Now they're screaming with their childhood hero

OK, I'm not a fan of the "Scream Queens" opener. (You can see that in my TV column for Sept. 22 or in my new-season round-up below.) Still, the concept is excellent and the cast is a delight. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

Like many people,
Keke Palmer has savored seeing Jamie Lee Curtis survive fierce

Sure, these are comedies ... well, sort of

The previous blog took a look at the new broadcast-network comedies. Now let's view four shows somewhere on the fringe; some have comedy, music, murder, more:

By Mike Hughes

TV's old categories
keep crumbling. Dramas add comedy, comedies add drama, networks

Fox's new season: Lots if flash ... but only one more year of "Idol"

As the “American
Idol” finale nears, fans have received a sudden jolt: Next season
will be the last.

It will be “a
season-long celebration,” insisted Gary Newman, the Fox Network
co-chairman. It will try for visits by past stars and past judges; it
could even invite the original co-host.