Scotty McCreery

Teens soaring -- Scotty and Auli'i found dizzyig route to the top

Each year, on the eve of Memorial Day, PBS delivers a terrific blend of music and emotion. Sunday's concert happens to include two people who found teen stardom -- Scotty McCreery an d Auli'i Cravalho; here's the story I sent to papers.

By Mike Hughes

In the swirl of
show-business, this keeps happening:

A talented teen from
nowhere (or nearby) is suddenly everywhere. It's dizzying and fun and

4th-of-July TV: Big crowds, big voices, big deal

On July 4, people suddenly remember the joys of musical television. From New York and Washington, D.C., we get music and then fireworks. Here's the story I sent to papers, focusing on Broadway/TV star Megan Hilty and "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery.


Each July 4, TV pumps up the volume. It
has big crowds, big orchestras, big voices.

How to politely lose on "American Idol"

This may have taken Southern manners to
an extreme:

Twice lately, an “American Idol”
finalist handed a big advantage to a competitor. In 2011, Scotty
McCreery survived the gesture; this year, Kree Harrison didn't.

"Idol": It's a little more country now

This is the last of three stories I sent to papers, previewing the "American Idol" season that starts Wednesday and Thursday, Jan.16-17. The previous blogs offer an overview and a box with details. Here's a story looking at "Idol" changes, especially the fresh interest in country music:


On the surface, the new “American
Idol” season looks suspiciously like the 11 previous ones.

Hey, the "Idol" voters are making sense. Really.

"American Idol" viewers ofte get way too random, serving up some nasty surprises. Not this time, though.

After Wednesday's show (see two blogs back), I predicted that Hollie Cavanagh and Heejun Han  would be in th bottom two, with Hollie sent home. That would be fair, I said -- but the one who really should be sent is Skyler Laine.

And on Thursday's results show? Heejun and Hollie were, indeed, in  the final two; Heejun, however, was sent home. As a bonus, Skyler was in the bottom three.

"Idol": Lauren is thinner and cheery, but NOT a dumb blonde

This is the ideal ending for "American Idol": The right person wins, a nice-and-cheerful person finishes second,  both have big things ahead. My previous blog is the interview with Scotty McCreery, the winner; here's the story I sent to papers on Lauren Alaina, the runner-up:


In her five months on “American
Idol,” Lauren Alaina has grown musically and shrunk physically.

Scotty McCreery; pure country, with a Puerto Rican twist

Scotty McCreery fits cozily into his new "American Idol" fame. He's a classic country guy ... albeit with a slight Puerto Rican twist. Here's the story I sent to papers:


Scotty McCreery isn't your typical,
cookie-cutter “American Idol” winner.

He sings deep, he seems casual, he
talks country. And he's one-quarter Puerto Rican.

Good news, bad news: Scotty wins, Oprah flubs

So there are happy endings, after all. Tonight -- four hours after Oprah Winfrey disappointed us with a so-so farewell -- "American Idol" got it right. Scotty McCreery, who already has the sound and the feel of a country star, was named the winner.

Yes, I worried about it (see previous blog) after Lauren Alaina got all the breaks in Tuesday's performance finale. For two straight years, my favorite -- Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox -- had lost.

Scotty might not win? Blame him ... and George Strait ... and moms

Going into tonight, I was somewhere between 95 and 107 percent sure that Scotty McCreery would win "American Idol." Now that's shrunk to 43 percent, tops.

What happened? A best-case scenario for Lauren Alaina, with:

1) An emotional tug for her at the beginning, with a small fuss about her voice being blown out during rehearsals.

2) A big tug for her at the end. She got to sing about her mom ... while hugging her actual, weeping mom.

"Idol" finale: Teens rule the world

This has been a fascinating "American Idol" season, both for what it delivered (great and diverse voices) and what it lost (most of that diversity, as the voters took over.

I'm fairly happy with this, because I think Scotty McCreery will make a worthy champion. Nashville -- which has had plenty of teen females -- is about to get a 17-ytear-old star, with an old guy's voice.

Still, it's interesting to look at what happened. Here's the story I sent to papers: