Ryan Miller

Semi-glory at the Olympics

This must have been a glorious moment for the U.S. women's speedskating relay team. They finished last and won a medal.

This was the four-team finale, meaning that only one team would fail to win a medal. The Americans promptly finished fourth.

Then the South Koreans were disqualified, nudging the Americans to bronze. It kind of reminded me of "Little Miss Sunshine," when Abigail Breslin finished second in a two-girl contest. When the winner was disqualified, she celebrated: "I won, I won, I won."

Winter Olympics, Part V

Russians have had some fine ideas, you know. Share-the-wealth was one (albeit flawed in execution); those little dolls that fit inside each other are another.

This time, however, they're dead wrong. After Evan Lysacek won the gold medal in figure-skating, the Russian he beat (Evgeni Plushenko) was critical. He did a quadruple jump, he said, and Lysacek didn't, so he should have won. His fellow Russians agreed, along with odd bloggers: If this is an athletic event, they said, it should be judged on jumps, not artistry.