Surviving the spotlight at 15; Megan and Mary have been there

When "Anne of Green Gables" arrived, teen-aged Megan Follows was startlingly good. More startling was the way she often avoided big-time films and TV afterward, instead doing Shakespeare and Ibsen and such.

Now -- 30 years after being cast as Anne -- she's back on TV in "Reign," which starts Thursday (Oct. 17). I have mixed feelings about the show, but not about Follows. Here's the story I sent to papers:

TV's new dramas: Where did all the cops go?

Here's another piece of the TV-season-preview package I sent to papers. This one deals with dramas, which are kind of scarce this year. Previous ones (see previous blogs) viewed comedies and took an overview of the season. One more story, on sci-fi, remains