Peter Tolan

Outside the grid, there's violence, warmth and ATV-riding bandits

There are many reasons why I'm not planning to join an off-the-grid commiunity, somewhere in the wilderness. One involves my desire for a steady form of food and drink; the other involves an unwillingness to miss "Big Bang Theory.":

Still, there's great potential there for dramas. "Outsiders" -- which debuts Tuesday (Jan. 26) on WGN and reruns nightly -- offers a rich tale of an outside culture. Here's the story I sent to papers:


By Mike Hughes

Raking through a messy (and funny) TV life

This is a busy time in the TV and cable world, as mid-season shows arrive. "Rake" (Thursday on Fox) is an amiable one, with Greg Kinnear as a sharp lawyer with a messy life. Here's the story I sent to papers: