Join the "Circus" on TV

This is the week when two terrific mini-series begin peaking inside colorful show-business worlds. "Moguls & Movie Stars" is from 8-9 p.m. for seven Mondays on Turner Classic Movies; "Circus" is from 9-11 p.m. for three Wednesdays on most PBS stations.

I found the "Circus" people especially interesting to talk to. Here's the story I sent to papers; if you're reading this after the first episode aired, check www.pbs.org:


The good old (and bad old) days of newspaper power

As newspapers struggle for their place in a multi-media world, it's fun to look back at the days when they had it all.

That's the focus of "Inventing L.A.," a terrific documentary that most PBS stations air tonight (Monday). It tells about the generations in which the Los Angeles Times used its power badly -- and about recent decades, when it used it wonderfully. Here's a story I wrote for papers: