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Somewhere in that pile, there's a new TV season

Amid all the clamor of cable and streaming and more, it's easy to forget this: A new TV season is coming soon for the broadcast networks, officially starting Sept. 21. As usual, it has a pile of new shows, most of them proclaimed as fresh and exciting and such; as usual, a few of them really are. I'll be listing and ranking them over the next few days; first, here's the overview I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

ABC's fall line-up: Now THAT is diverse



A new season nears: Here's an overview

The new TV season officially starts Sept. 23, with shows sneaking in ahead of time. Here's the story I sent to papers, taking an overview. Coming up are breakdowns of the shows, from best to worst:


Somehow, ABC has become the Nashville network

When it comes to sheer program quality, I put ABC and its program director, Paul Lee, at the top. Now Lee -- an Oxford man, no less -- presides over a busy stretch of country-music shows. Here's the story I sent to papers:


A funny thing has happened to ABC. At
times, it transforms into the country-music channel.

ABC goes epic for the fall

Earlier, I sent an overview of ABC's fall schedule. (See previous blog.) Since then, the network has had its "upfront" presentation to advertisers -- and has left me quite optimistic. Here's the new version I sent to papers:


TV viewers tend to shrug when a new
network programming chief arrives.

ABC: Praise, then cancel, then praise anew

Sometimes you can't help being a tad skeptical, even when TV networks are showing their best stuff.

This afternoon, ABC was showing bits of its new shows to advertisers and station executives. Much of it looked fast and flashy, and still ...

The brief clip for "Pan Am" included this statement: "People have underestimated me all my life. And they've been wrong."

(Hint: "Underestimated" already establishes that they've been wrong. If they'd been right, it would have been "correctly estimated.")

ABC: The year of the big change?

This is the week when TV viewers see their world spin around: New fall line-ups are announced, old dreams are dashed.

My previous blog looks at the Fox line-up, announced Monday. Here's the story I sent to papers about the ABC line-up, announced this morning; I'll try to add more after watching the network's pitch to advertisers, late this afternoon.

Paul Lee at ABC: Oxford to the rescue

The networks are often very kind to Television Critics Association people. They stir up some sort of newsy chaos whenever we visit them in Los Angeles.

This time, it was the abrupt changeover at ABC. Fortunately, the network had a good programmer ready to fill the sudden hole. Here's the story I sent to papers; I'm putting it here right away, becase of the time factor:

ABC and Paul Lee: A good choice

Here are a few of my comments from Los Angeles, where the Television Critics Association is meeting:

1) McPherson out; Lee in:

Given an awful situation, ABC made a smart move by giving its top programming job to Paul Lee. Before he took over, he did a terrific job at ABC Family.

The hole came this week when Steve McPherson suddenly resigned, just as ABC was preparing to launch its new season. Reports (including a Reuters report in said the company had been investigating him for sexual harassment.