New TV season

"The Orville" gives our future a bright look and some curvy guns

I have mixed feelings about "The Orville." You probably will, too, when it debuts Sunday (Sept. 10), the first show of the TV season. But my feelings are thoroughly unmixed when it comes to the show's look. Carefully crafted by people who love science-fiction, "The Orville" is a visual treat. If you scroll down, you'll see the stories I sent to papers in my season-preview package. Now here's the story I sent about "The Orville":

New-season dramas: Cable-envy occasionally pays off

My previous blog looked at this fall's new broadcast-network comedies. Now let's scoot in the opposite direction; here's a list, rating the serious dramas:


TV really does remember (sometimes) how to make clever comedies

Over the next few blogs, I'll be previewing the new TV season. We'll start gently, with the comedies:



Get ready for a comedy overload

(TV comedies are back, big-time. Here's the story I sent to papers. The previous blog offers an overview; coming next are looks at the dramas and at the sci-fi/fantasy films.)

A new season nears: Here's an overview

The new TV season officially starts Sept. 23, with shows sneaking in ahead of time. Here's the story I sent to papers, taking an overview. Coming up are breakdowns of the shows, from best to worst: