Michael McCallum

Yes, locally-made movies can have a Hollywood feel

(This is a story mainly for people in the Lansing, Mich., area, relating to film screenings on July 16 and 30. If you're not near Lansing ... well, there are TV stories below, with more on the way.)

By Mike Hughes

This once seemed
semi-impossible – a Hollywood-looking movie on a Michigan budget.

Making movies cheaply AND well

Mingling in my movie mind today are Roger Corman, Michael McCallum and Shane Hagedorn. That's a talented-but-quirky bunch.

Corman is the master of micro-budget filmmaking. Now, at 83, he emerges with:

-- His latest movie production. "Dinoshark" debuts March 13 on cable's Syfy.

-- The Academy Awards, on March 7. Corman has already received his honorary award, so he'll probably have to settle for waving from the audience.