Mark Steines

Life at Hallmark: Usually pleasant, always busy

At 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 5, two new shows collide -- "Chesapeake Shores" and a "Garage Sale Mysteries" movie. Both are pretty, both are pleasant (usually) and both are Hallmark.

Even in summer, Hallmark is busy. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

is the world of the 10-week Christmas.

The parade begins, spreading envy through the North

Growing up in Wisconsin, I had one clear realization each January: I'd really rather be in Pasadena. Apparently, others had that same feeling. Now -- on Jan. 2, not Jan. 1 -- comes the annual parade, with Mark Steines as one of thehosts. Here's te story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

Life throws details -- fun ones -- at former Iowa kid

When he was growing up in Iowa -- playing football and de-tasseling corn and such -- Mark Steines probably never guessed what was coming up. These days, he's a TV star, doing a home show, working with John DeLorean's ex-wife, doing July interviews about Christmas. That's show business; here's the story I sent to papers: