L.A. Reid

Well, at least she's an older teen-ager

My first impressions of Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, in their new "X Factor" world? Lovato could be a sharp, zesty force. Spears, I'm not so sure about. And Lovato really needs to get back to her jet-black hair, instead of those silly dye jobs.

All of that is, however, beside the point. Here's the story I sent to papers:


X Factor has its double search

For "The X Factor," a double search is starting.

On one hand, new contestants can start lining up for the second season. Auditions start March 1 online and March 14 in person. (See www.thexfactorusa.com.)

On the other, there's the search for two more judges.Today (Wednesday), Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid said:

-- Both judges will be female; that's "100 percent sure," Cowell said.