Kenneth Branagh

Branagh -- from epics to Swedish solace



Some of this TV season's finest moments are coming up in its final three weeks. That's when PBS airs the last season of "Wallander" movies; here's the story I sent to papers.

By Mike Hughes

Kenneth Branagh
keeps leaping between extremes.

Sir Ken and I have a lot in common

So it turns out that Ken Branagh -- or Sir Kenneth, as he's now known -- has something in common with me.

In most areas, we're far apart. He's mastered Shakespeare plays; I don't understand them. He's been knighted; I've seen "Camelot."

What we have in common, however, is illustrated by an exceptionally inept serving tray that it took me months to make in shop class. This remains on exhibit at the family cottage -- which my grandfather built, shortly after building his family home. The building-stuff trait bypassed me entirely.

The best show on Sunday(s)

For two straight Sundays, it will be easy to name the best show on TV. These are in the "Wallander" series -- richly crafted movies starring Kenneth Branagh as a Swedish detective.

Those run Oct. 3 and 10 in most areas, Oct. 10 and 17 in Lansing. Here's a story I sent to papers:



Imagine you're Kenneth Branagh and
you've conquered almost everything.