Keith Urban

It's slow-build Urban on fast-track "Idol"

Is it still possible to get excited about "American Idol"? Yes, actually, because many of the young singers are good, a few have been great and these three judges -- Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. -- really know what they're talking about. The season starts Wednesday and Thursday (Jan. 7-8), here's the story I sent to papers about Urban and "Idol":


"Idol": It's a little more country now

This is the last of three stories I sent to papers, previewing the "American Idol" season that starts Wednesday and Thursday, Jan.16-17. The previous blogs offer an overview and a box with details. Here's a story looking at "Idol" changes, especially the fresh interest in country music:


On the surface, the new “American
Idol” season looks suspiciously like the 11 previous ones.

"Idol" is back; the bland-white-boy era may be ending

"American Idol" is back, again seizing the spotlight. Here's the mainbar I sent to papers; next, I'll send a box and a sidebar.


A dozen years ago, Mariah Carey – a
big deal in the music world – was chatting with her friend Randy
Jackson, a middlin' deal.

Super Bowl pre-game

Welcome to the Super Bowl preview blog, brought to you by Meijer graham crackers. I ...

OK, this isn't really sponsored. That's just my reaction to seeing all those Fox notes claiming that it was the Ritz Crackers Super Bowl pre-game show. (Hey, if Ritz really gave us the show, why are all those other commercials there?) Ironically, I do have some Ritz at home; in protest, I quickly put them away and brought out some store-brand crackers.

Here are a few of my other comments. (I'll add more; also, please read the personal memory in the previous blog.):