Katie Stevens

Those startng-out years -- no money, no work, no problem (sort of)

After a shaky start, Freeform (ABC Family) has had some surprisingly good shows. Despite occasional flaws, "The Bold Type," "Good Trouble" and more are first-rate. They share a common theme -- new places, new jobs, new friends and/or loves. And that's something their actors understand. Here's te story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

One chunk of life keeps fueling TV shows.

Katie and Andrew: Nice people; time to go

OK, I was as vigorous as anyone about feeling it was time for "American Idol" to oust Andrew Garcia and, maybe, Katie Stevens. They have decent talent, but nothing in the Crystal-Michael-Siobhan-Casey universe.

Still, I find both of them immensely likeable. Here's the story I sent to papers after a conference-call interview Thursday, the day after they were eliminated:

"Idol": It could have been worse

As "American Idol" wrapped up tonight, we felt relief: On double-elimination night, it could have been much worse.

Andrew Garcia was no surprise; he had to go. Katie Stevens was a mild surprise -- I didn't even expect her in the final four -- but it's one we could live with.

Here are a few of my comments; please add yours:

1) Katie is leaving after one of her better weeks. She's a good pop singer with a great pop face; still, her fairly deep, mature voice didn't seem to connect with the young-teen audience.

Good "Idol," great Elvis

After spending the weekend with Elvis Presley, I was delighted to find his music and memory also appearing on "American Idol."

My mind was there, anyway, thanks to 20 hours of weekend riding in a car that happened to have Sirius XM satellite radio. I flipped channels furiously, ranging from disappointments (Radio Classics) to delights (Rabbi Bob Alper on the laugh channel). In particular, I savored the all-Elvis station.

An illuminating evening

You may have heard about the global lights-out exercise last Saturday. At 8:30 p.m. in each time zone, many homes and businesses turned off their lights for an hour.

I mention it now only because of this: I'm quite sure that all the electricity saved then was cancelled out by Diddy's number tonight on "American Idol."

Lights flashed, lights glowed. I could almost hear people rushing new power plants to keep up. Beyond that, here are my comments; please add yours:

No surprises? No problem

Hey, I'm starting to like this no-surprises thing.

For the second straight week, "American Idol" voters have followed my instructions. Last week, they dumped Lacey Brown; tonight, it was Paige Miles. Their only error was putting Katie Stevens alongside Tim Urban in the bottom three; I'm quite sure I specified that Andrew Garcia should be there.

Anyway, here are a few of my comments; please add yours: