Julia Child

American food? It's the best ... or the worst ... just ask the experts

PBS viewers can soon catch a couple of nights of strong, food-oriented profiles. There are terrific new hours on James Beard (May 19) and Jacques Pepin (May 26), paired with reruns on, respectively, Julia Child and Alice Waters. That combination, however, leads to a fun and fascinating subject -- the state of American cooking, good or bad. Here's a story I sent to papers; next, I'll have an expanded list of TV-food shows.

By Mike Hughes

A love note about "Julie & Julia"

I love "Julie & Julia" more than any movie in a long time.

That doesn't mean it's a great film; I'm still thinking about that. It does mean I love it like you love a person -- flaws and all. "Julie & Julia" simply managed to push all my buttons. After all:

1) I'm a writer and, at times, a blogger. This movie is about Julie Powell, who is both; I was rooting for her throughout.

2) I seem to have a thing for cute women. This film suddenly thrusts Amy Adams near the top of my list.