Jimmy Kimmel

Oscar night: Big deal, big stars and ... well, little movies

Every Academy Award telecast is interesting ... but some are much more so than others. Now comes the this year's show Sunday (March 4), with a clever host and batch of movies that are big in quality, but not in drawing a crowd. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

It's Academy Award
time again, offering everything that viewers want -- almost.

When Emmys have Jimmys, we can expect fun

The Emmy awards are at their best when someone who really savors TV -- Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris -- is in charge. Now it's Kimmel's turn, at 8 p.m. today (Sunday, Sept. 23). Here's the story I sent to papers:


This is Emmy week, a time to savor
what's good on TV. That means a Jimmy should host.

Two years ago, it was Jimmy Fallon, a
big TV fan. On Sunday, it's Jimmy Kimmel, with similar tastes.

ABC: Praise, then cancel, then praise anew

Sometimes you can't help being a tad skeptical, even when TV networks are showing their best stuff.

This afternoon, ABC was showing bits of its new shows to advertisers and station executives. Much of it looked fast and flashy, and still ...

The brief clip for "Pan Am" included this statement: "People have underestimated me all my life. And they've been wrong."

(Hint: "Underestimated" already establishes that they've been wrong. If they'd been right, it would have been "correctly estimated.")