Jimmy Fallon

Fallon: The talk-to-anyone guy gets his moment

Sometimes, it's important to mention when you were wrong ... and, especially, when you were right.

I was right about thinking Conan O'Brien made a big mistake by rejecting the "Tonight" compromise -- Jay Leno telling jokes at 11:35 p.m., Conan doing "Tonight" at 12:05 a.m. -- that NBC offered. When he moved to cable, he dropped from b road public attention.

From the Fallon to the Olympics, this is NBC's time for big moves

PASADENA, Cal. -- NBC is trying some familiar draws – from “Peter
Pan” to Dorothy’s “Oz,” from Katherine Heigl to a multi-tasking Amy Poehler –
in its ongoing comeback attempt.

TV folks, you may already have a winner

The strange thing about tonight's Emmys is that many of the fun categories have already been decided.

To keep tonight's ceremony (8-11 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 23, ABC) moving, the Emmy people have an advance night for the majority of their categories. My previous blogs had an Emmy preview and a list of key nominees; here's the other story I sent to papers, listing some of the advance  winners:



Parsons wins; the universe is correct

In a minute, I'm going to do a chronological view of the Emmys. First, however, let me jump to the good news; then I'll digress:

1) The good -- great, actually -- news: Jim Parsons has won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy series. Parsons is brilliant in "The Big Bang Theory," which has quickly become the best comedy on TV.

Sorry, Jimmy; it was a bad start

We really were rooting for Jimmy Fallon on the opening of his latenight talk show (12:35 a.m. weekdays on NBC). This is an immensely likable guy, doing what he's always wanted to do.

Still, it's tough to deny: This was an awful start.

Sure, there were a few good things -- The Roots as the house band, Van Morrison as musical guest, an occasional sharp one-liner. Discussing some new computer stores, Fallon said they are sort of like regular stores, "except that when you ask the clerks a question, they freeze up."