Jeff Hephner

We're heading back to Mars now, with science and soaps and human nature

The first season of "Mars" was impressive, an ambitious mixture of sci-fi drama and sci-fact documentary. Now the second season starts Monday (Nov. 12), with expanded drama. The international expedition has been on the planet for five years and faces the intrusion of a private company. It's an interesting blend of art and science, so this story, which I sent to papers, includes actors and an astronaut:

By Mike Hughes

As “Mars”
returns to our TV screens, opposite worlds co-exist.

"X" marks the heroic spot for a smal-town guy

Lately, the "heroes" of cable shows have included a Mob boss, a drug kingpin, a serial killer and more. So it's refreshing to see that "Agent X" gives us a true hero ... and that Jeff Hephner, who has the title role, seems to fit that neatly. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

At times, Jeff
Hephner is your average Midwesterner.