Jane Seymour

Well, maybe we don't have to get physical

Sometimes,TV just goes for the fun. Tha's the case with "Let's Get Physical," a broad comedy starrig people who have varying attitudes about their bodies and the gym. Here's the story I sent to papers.


By Mike Hughes

OK, we can forget
one new-year's resolution.

TV's musical comeback continues, with a "Lovestruck" twist

One of the better TV trends in recent years has been the surge of musicals. Most of the credit goes to the Disney Channel, but its sister channel, ABC Family, has also helped ... plus, of course, Fox's "Glee."

Now ABC Family adds a supernatural twist with "Lovestruck," airing April 21 and 22. Here's the story I sent to papers:


Television has always liked magic and
miracles. Time-travel is nice; life-after-death is handy.