Jamie Foxx

Lopez: Why dump the music at the end?

For the second straight night, "Lopez Tonight" ended with sensational music. And for the second straight night we're left with a question -- why plunk your best moments into a little cubbyhole at the end?

Monday's series debut ended with Carlos Santana; tonight's show ended with a sensational number by Marc Anthony, backed by a brigade of horns and percussionists. It was, again, a great finish; it also was, again, way better than what had preceded it. Why only one song? Why at the end?

Here are a few of my other comments; please add yours:

Mo'Nique? Please, no mo'

Maybe I'm being a stickler about this, but it should be a rule: You really shouldn't start giving your Emmy speech (or your Lifetime Achievement speech) until you've actually done a show ... or at least part of a show ... or at least told one joke or sung one song or interviewed one person.

This feeling built inside me as I watched the dismal debut of "The Mo'Nique Show," which airs at 11 p.m. weekdays on BET.