Howie Long

Super Bowl -- a time for greatness (or maybe pretty-goodness)

The Super Bowl will take over the world again Sunday, gobbling up more than 12 hours of TV time. This is one of the two preview stories I sent to papers:


By Mike Hughes

It's Super Bowl time
again, bringing a battle of the best.

Super Bowl: A cold night for red hot chili quarterbacks

(This is the first of three stories I sent to papers, previewing the Super Bowl)


Super Bowl pre-game

Welcome to the Super Bowl preview blog, brought to you by Meijer graham crackers. I ...

OK, this isn't really sponsored. That's just my reaction to seeing all those Fox notes claiming that it was the Ritz Crackers Super Bowl pre-game show. (Hey, if Ritz really gave us the show, why are all those other commercials there?) Ironically, I do have some Ritz at home; in protest, I quickly put them away and brought out some store-brand crackers.

Here are a few of my other comments. (I'll add more; also, please read the personal memory in the previous blog.):