It's time to map out your Christmas-show viewing plans

The Christmas TV list seems to keep growing, even untended. Earlier, I sent a mega-list to papers and put it here. Since then, however, there have been several additions; here's the current version:

By Mike Hughes

Old-timers might
recall when Christmas was a day, or maybe 12 days. Now it's a

Jesse Metcalfe's summer: Making love and killing zombies

Two summer shows -- "Dead Rising: Endgame" and "Chesapeake Shores" -- have only three things in common: The star (Jesse Metcalfe), the film setting (Vancouver) and the fact that they were made by humans. Beyond that, these shows cover the exact opposites of our species. For Metcalfe, that adds up to an interesting summer; here's the story I sent to papers.

By Mike Hughes

Gordie Howe is back, via cable movie

I must admit that I've never completely understood hockey. I've never known why they let a big man stand in front of a small net, stopping the puck from getting by; that is, I feel, the reason scores are so low.

Still, I do understand "Mr. Hockey," the new cable movie about the astonishing year in which Gordie Howe first skated on a big-league team with his sons. Here's the story I sent to papers: