Glen Campbell

Campbell's final tour brought joy, pain and frustration

Glen Campbell was the Blake Shelton of his era, only more so. He was a country star -- nice voice, great guitar work -- with the sort of easygoing humor that audiences savor. As he retreated into Alzheimer's disease, friends and family planned a documentary about his farewell tour. The result drew an Academy Award nomination and airs Sunday (June 28) on CNN; here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

Grammy awards: Greatness and excess co-exist

I'll do some sniping in a moment, simply because ... well, because I'm like that. But first, let's make it clear that this was a truly great Grammy awards show.

Getting ready for the Grammys

Long ago, the Grammys people learned they could create events -- reunions, comebacks, special pairings, more.

Now that's become an artform. Here's a box -- not a full Grammys story, but a helpful guide -- that I sent to papers:



In the final days before this year's
Grammys telecast, producers were still piling on new touches.