Fox this fall -- more comedies, no "Cops" and (perhaps) some Britney

TV's comedy comeback will continue this
fall – even if viewers haven't really joined in.

Fox's new schedule stacks four
situation comedies on Tuesdays, moving its semi-comedy (“Glee”)
to a comfortable spot after “The X Factor” or “American Idol”
on Thursdays.

Fox: Big shows and (still) some problems

This is a busy time, as TV people meet with the Television Critics Association. Here's the story I sent to papers about Fox; previous blogs look at other networks, with ABC still coming:


Nestled at the top of the Nielsen
ratings, with two mega-shows debuting next month, the Fox network
probably should be problem-free now.

A gleeful time for Charice


This much I can say for sure: Charice -- the mini-singer with the maxi-voice -- does one terrific version of "All By Myself."

That's the song she'll do Tuesday on "Glee." I was at a Television Critics Association session in January, interviewing producer-composer David Foster, when she flew in from the Philippines to do that song; it was sensational.

Super Bowl, Part II

Just how long is a moment, anyway?

At one point, the Fox Super Bowl pre-game show said we were "a few moments from kick-off." We were 45 minutes away.

I'm not complaining overall, of course. Anything that concludes with the Packers winning the Super Bowl is good.

I had a bunch of comments in the previous blog. A few more:

1) Overall, Fox did a good job. In particular, Troy Aikman is a first-rate analyst.

Parsons wins; the universe is correct

In a minute, I'm going to do a chronological view of the Emmys. First, however, let me jump to the good news; then I'll digress:

1) The good -- great, actually -- news: Jim Parsons has won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy series. Parsons is brilliant in "The Big Bang Theory," which has quickly become the best comedy on TV.

Emmys: The call of the new

Staring at approximately 14,000 new Emmy nominations today, what do we make of it all? Here are a few trends, gripes and more:

1) New is big: Anything new tends to seem bright and shiny and appealing. This year, three first-year shows scored big. "The Good Wife" is up for best drama, with Julianna Margulies up for best actress in a drama. "Glee" and "Modern Family" are both up for best comedy, with many of their actors also nominated.

The new TV season starts ... well, right now

Sure, right now it looks like we don't need the new TV season. The weather has been perfect; the world can go outside and play.

Still, the season is starting and we should be ready. Officially, it starts Sept. 21; however, we could say it starts:

-- A week earlier, on Sept. 14, when Jay Leno takes over the 10 p.m. spot every weekday on NBC.

-- Or on Thursday (Sept. 10), when the CW introduces "Vampire Diaries." It's an overheated high-school drama, filled with pretty people, two of whom happen to be living forever.

The TV trip: The best

I'm back in the rhythm of real life now, after two overcrowded weeks of interviews in Los Angeles.

The blogs slowed down during those weeks -- blame technical troubles and the "So You Think You Can  Dance" finals for some of that -- but now I'll try offer bits from the TV trip. Let's start at the top: On the final day, I saw the best new show of this fall's season.

"Idol": It's way too close

After tonight, how do you choose between "American Idol" contestants? Here were four great voices singing four great songs, backed by Ricky Minor's zesty band. The race to finish second is a virtual tie.

First place, of course, is another matter. That's Adam Lambert.

Adam is in a separate class. As a performer, he's Bo-plus, Taylor-plus; as a singer, he's Carrie-plus, Kelly-plus. As a star, he's unique and ready to go.

Feeling good about Fox

Until now, I'd been feeling so-so about this TV season. Still wobbling from the strike, networks have had weak line-ups.

Now, however, there's good news: Fox is on a roll.

Some of that was expected. "24" had a terrific debut Sunday and Monday (Jan. 11-12); "American Idol" is off to a good start tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 13, see the preview/review in my previous blog).